The government has given a new tension to the Ban 59 app, including TicketTalk.

The government has given a new tension to the Ban 59 app, including TicketTalk.

The government has given a new tension to the Ban 59 app, including TicketTalk.
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On 29 June, the central government had banned China's 59 mobile apps in India. The apps that were banned include TicketLock, Share It, Hello, UC Browser, Likey, WeChat. India had said that the security, sovereignty and integrity of the country are at risk with these applications. It has been alleged that this app steals the data of Indian users for a long time and takes them out of the country illegally. However, an app like TickTock denied such allegations.

What did the center do now? 

Now the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has sent a notice to this application. Also sent a list of 79 questions. The Ministry has given three weeks time to these apps, so that they can answer these questions. If these apps do not answer questions within the time limit set by the government, then they can be banned forever. The notice states that if these banned apps do not respond by July 22, then the ban imposed on them may become permanent.

According to information provided to 'India Today' TV, the ministry is getting inputs from the Indian intelligence agencies and the global cyber watchdog on the background and operation of these apps. Once the government gets a response from these banned Chinese apps, then their response will be matched to the information received by the intelligence agencies. If any kind of disturbance is found, then the trouble of these apps will increase further.
However, China's banned app has been shocked by this notice and the list of 79 questions, which were dreaming of returning in the future.

What kind of questions have been asked?

In the list of 79 questions sent to these Chinese apps, information has been asked about their corporate origins, the structure of the parent companies, funding, data management and the servers that are using these apps. The government has sought information from these companies regarding security features as well as unauthorized data access, which may be misused for espionage and surveillance activities.

Earlier such questions were asked

The reply received from these companies will be sent to the special committee, which has been given the responsibility of screening the case. Meanwhile, given the nature of the questionnaire, it seems that the possibility of having a direct hearing with the government against the ban of these app operators has also faded.
TikTok and other Chinese app operators say that protecting users' data is their top priority. The allegations of unauthorized use of data against them are baseless. In July last year, the government sent a notice to several Chinese apps including TikTok and Hello for providing platforms for "anti-India activities". Also a list of 24 questions was also sent.

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